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International Rags Ltd. was established in Aug. 1993, in a 30 thousand square ft. space and eventually took over the remaining 30 thousand square foot building. The growth has been such that a large facility is required and is being built to be completed in mid December 1999. The new facility will be 96 thousand square feet.

THE PRINCIPALS together founded and developed from the group up a business that has provided jobs for over 140 people in the Houston area. In addition providing a quality product that has set INTERNATIONAL RAGS LTD., in a category of high standards.

International Rags has various objectives but the primary objective is to give the buyers a product that will have gone through a process that has proven itself over and over again. We also maximize the total load capacity. We understand that our customers not only have to pay for the product they buy from us, but that they also have the cost of freight and duties of their respective government. Therefore, the product has to be of the best grade. We also believe in the one on one customer relations. This has proven to be a plus in regards to less discrepancy in what is purchased.